Starburst with laughters

Hi! I'm Rachel and this is my tumblr "Starburst with laughters" :)

I tried having a theme for this tumblr, but I couldn't think of any. I hope you'll like it even though it's all about my randomness so-called STARBURST and with LAUGHTERS :).

Hope you like it.


Found this old carson high newspaper 02.26.10

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Staying positive no matter what life throws me.

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One of the best corn chowder I tasted. 😀

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Seashell. :)

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Got flan today at work.

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I thought this is cute. XD

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Thank you!

Thank you to that person that is always there to listen and give out his hand without hesitation. I am truly lucky to have met you. I value you deeply inside my heart and will forever be grateful of all the happiness. You gave me the reason to smile from the moment I wake up and before I sleep with your messages. I can’t ask for more. Your a god given bless.

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Make it SPARKLE!