Starburst with laughters

Hi! I'm Rachel and this is my tumblr "Starburst with laughters" :)

I tried having a theme for this tumblr, but I couldn't think of any. I hope you'll like it even though it's all about my randomness so-called STARBURST and with LAUGHTERS :).

Hope you like it.


During the first week of class in ART 110, we were introduced with a new type of media. We needed to become familiarized with Second Life which most of us had never even heard off up until that moment. As the first task, we had to make a chair. Trying to make a chair on an unfamiliar medium is not just hard but also frustrating. I believe it took me at least two to three hours to actually start making stuff.

For the first project, I made two chairs even though we were only assigned to make one. Why? Well, I found it so enjoying that I couldn’t resist to make another one and my second chair is YOSHI. I curved YOSHi’s shell and put a puss ball so that my avatar can sit on it. Oh yeah, my first chair is a three petal chair.

Both chairs were posted on the ART 110 blog so too my first VBLOG (which is so embarrasing). Overall, this new medium is enjoyable the moment you actually become familiarize with the basic functions. Who would have thought that I can make a 3D of YOSHi out of combined geometric shapes.

Hopefully MARiO is proud of me for giving credibility of some sort in making YOSHi!

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